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After a rather sizable rise at the end of 2016, credit card rates were mostly stable at the beginning of 2017.  The average APR for new credit card offers incr...(read more)

Wells Fargo is joining the blitz of credit card promotions with a new online only promotion on the bank’s Cash Wise Visa Card.  The bank is now offering a $150.00 cash rewards bonus for account holders that spend $1,0...(read more)
Lowe’s Store cards offered by Lowe’s: Lowe’s Credit Card Rewards Program: New account holders can choose 5% off single-receipt purchases of merchandise charged to the Lowe’s® consumer credit card or 6 months special financing with a $299 minimum purchase when they use the Lowe’s card. Lowe’s Credit Card Rates: The current APR for purchases with the Lowes card is 24.99%.  At
This Credit Card Offer is No Longer Available The Discover Miles credit card is one of the credit cards offered by Discover Financial Services that falls within the category of the travel rewards credit cards.  This credit card offers some very desirable credit card rewards, a competitive interest rate and requires no annual fee. The Discover Miles
If you go to the mailbox and find your credit card statement, and immediately get the last month’s statement and sit down with them and compare the credit card APRs to make sure you didn’t get an increase, and look at all of your purchases to make sure the charges are legitimate, what are you
It’s two days before pay day and you are broke.  Your brother is out of town so you can’t ask him for $50, and you are worried that the very attractive co-worker you’ve been flirting with will ask you to lunch and you’ll have to come up with a lame excuse.  So, the dreaded credit
Even with a reduction in bank credit and tighter lending standards, there is an abundance of credit cards that consumers can choose to apply for.  Between the new low rate credit card balance transfer offers to a plethora of credit card rewards and credit card cash back offers, the market is full of credit cards. With
Choosing a financial institution to handle credit card processing should be similar to choosing any financial institution a business elects to conduct business with.  Shopping and comparing the terms of credit card processing companies is not only a necessary part of a business’s plan to accept credit cards but may very well be an overlooked
For individuals with very good credit, Capital One’s Platinum Prestige credit card offer has some attributes worth considering.  The Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card starts with a zero percent introductory credit card rate.  The credit card offers 0% APR on credit card purchase transactions until November 2010 as well as 0% APR on credit card
Young people are a constant target of credit card and loan offers.  Lenders know that college students and working young adults don’t always make the most responsible financial decisions.  Credit card companies want to grab you as a customer to gain your money and loyalty before someone else does first. Recent college graduates are often already
Williams-Sonoma Store cards offered by Williams-Sonoma: Williams-Sonoma Rewards Visa Credit Card Rewards Program: The Williams-Sonoma Visa Card can be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.  Card holders will earn 3 points for every dollar spent at Williams-Sonoma and 1 point for every dollar spent everywhere else. The points can be redeemed for exclusive rewards such as Gift Cards,
When you are looking for a credit card it’s best to think before you sign on the dotted line. There are only about a zillion cards to choose from, each with various pros and cons, so it really pays to do your homework and figure out a few basic things first. A little
Don’t ignore the terms of the credit card agreement and credit card offer.  Read the fine print before applying for a new card.  Credit card agreements contain important terms and key information about the interest rates, account fees, and terms for earning rewards and bonuses.  Finding out about the terms in advance will help avoid
Responsible use of your credit cards goes hand in hand with safe use of your card.  Practice good fundamentals of credit card use and you minimize your exposure to identity theft, unauthorized spending, and other annoyances that accompany the loss or theft of a card. Here are a few basics to get you started. Sign your card
The Nationwide business credit card is a bank Platinum Visa credit card issued by Nationwide Bank.  The Nationwide Bank business Platinum Visa credit card is offered to small business owners and larges businesses.  The business credit card allows card holders access to credit for any variety of transactions that can be conducted with a Visa credit
Zero percent introductory credit card rate balance transfer offers have been around for years.  Some years, the credit card companies seem like they can’t send enough of these offers out and other years costs and credit cut backs restricts the offers.  Either way, zero percent introductory credit card rate offers are available for those consumers
Credit Card Basics: Finding the Right Card When you are looking for a credit card it’s best to think before you sign on the dotted line of the credit card application.  Credit card applications, there are only about a zillion cards to choose from, each with various pros and cons, so it really pays to do
Did you ever get invited to a party that you know you shouldn’t go to?  You love being invited and the very idea of a party sounds great, but you know that there’s a good possibility of bad behavior and a hangover.  That’s probably the way you ought to think about retail store credit cards. You
Credit cards are not just for making quick purchases in lieu of cash or checks or for those times when there is a short term cash crunch or for making big ticket purchase transactions.  Credit cards can also easily work as an efficient and effective bill paying machine. Almost all bank credit cards offer a bill
Credit cards offer conveniences that are hard to pass up are in fact, hard to do without.  But good credit card use that capitalizes on the credit card conveniences such as easy payment on online transactions and the benefits of credit card services such as credit card rewards programs requires good budgeting skills.  Good budgeting
Consumers shopping and comparing the best secured credit cards should start with a good understanding of how secured credit card works.  Secured credit cards operate the same as standard credit cards with one notable exception.  Secured credit cards require the payment of a minimum deposit as collateral to open the account. The deposit acts as collateral
With credit card cash back rewards card holders can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in cash back rewards just by making everyday purchases.  Cash back rewards can be in the form of cash credits to the account, checks written directly to the account holder or other reward options.  In order to

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