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The increase in the fed funds rate put into effect by the Federal Reserve in December has had a direct impact on consumer credit card rates.  No question, as o...(read more)

Wells Fargo is joining the blitz of credit card promotions with a new online only promotion on the bank’s Cash Wise Visa Card.  The bank is now offering a $150.00 cash rewards bonus for account holders that spend $1,0...(read more)
If you have received a new credit card recently you probably recall being asked in an aggressive and persistent way if you are interested in adding credit insurance.  This can happen when you receive the mailing that delivers the credit card, and it often happens when you call to activate the card.  Sometimes follow up
Young people are a constant target of credit card and loan offers.  Lenders know that college students and working young adults don’t always make the most responsible financial decisions.  Credit card companies want to grab you as a customer to gain your money and loyalty before someone else does first. Recent college graduates are often already
Everybody has to start somewhere, right?  Well, part of the trick in establishing credit is that it’s kind of a catch-22.  You need to have some to get some.  Remember the old line that you can never be too thin or too rich?  My grandmother used to say things like that all the time.  But
One of the worst things about losing a credit card is that you often don’t know it’s missing until sometime much later.  If you use it ever day you may realize it immediately but most people carry more than just a couple of credit cards and one could be missing for a while before you
Most credit card holders in the U.S. pay little attention to the credit card rate on the card they use. The generally accepted rationale for the lack of concern of the credit card interest rate on existing credit cards is that when the card holders make purchases using their cards they fully intend to
Choosing the right credit card to use for travel abroad can seem like an arduous task.  Don’t overlook the importance of doing some research in this matter.  The credit card you decide to use could make or break your trip if you get into a troublesome situation in a foreign country.  Making the right choice
Credit cards offer conveniences that are hard to pass up are in fact, hard to do without.  But good credit card use that capitalizes on the credit card conveniences such as easy payment on online transactions and the benefits of credit card services such as credit card rewards programs requires good budgeting skills.  Good budgeting
JCPenney   Store cards offered by JCPenney: JCPenney Credit Card Rewards Program: $1 spent on qualifying purchases with the JCPenney credit card earns 1 point.  Account holders that earn 100 points or more in a month will get $10 JCPenney Reward, up to ten rewards each month.  Account holders will also gain access to special savings events and bonus points
Dillard’s   Store cards offered by Dillard’s: Dillard’s Credit Card and Dillard’s American Express Card Rewards Program: Dillard’s card holders will earn a 10% off Welcome Shopping Pass in their first statement when they open a Dillard’s account and charge $100 with Dillard’s. For every $1 spent in net purchases made with a Dillard’s card, the card holder will earn 2
Slate(SM) from Chase The Chase Slate credit card is one of the top balance transfer credit cards on the market due to the zero percent introductory credit card rate that applies to both credit card balance transfer transactions as well as purchase transactions for qualified credit card applicants. The Slate from Chase credit card has three
It’s two days before pay day and you are broke.  Your brother is out of town so you can’t ask him for $50, and you are worried that the very attractive co-worker you’ve been flirting with will ask you to lunch and you’ll have to come up with a lame excuse.  So, the dreaded credit
Even with a reduction in bank credit and tighter lending standards, there is an abundance of credit cards that consumers can choose to apply for.  Between the new low rate credit card balance transfer offers to a plethora of credit card rewards and credit card cash back offers, the market is full of credit cards. With
The most common way a credit card is used is through the card itself.  Each time it gets swiped, the available credit is reduced and a person is expected to pay a monthly payment based on the amount of credit used.  However, credit cards can also be used to receive cash or a balance transfer. 
TJX  TJX operates T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post and HomeGoods stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by TJX: TJX Rewards Credit Card and TJX Rewards Platinum Credit Card Rewards Program: New card holders will receive 10% off of their first in store purchase. Card holders will earn 5 reward points for every one dollar in net purchases made at
Being late paying your bills is not unusual and happens to the best of us.  If a situation arises where you suddenly cannot pay your bills – loss of a job or a medical emergency – it is important to understand just what will happen if you find yourself delinquent on a loan or other
Barnes & Noble Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Noble MasterCard Card Rewards Program: After the first purchase made with the card, account holders will be sent a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card.  Account holders will also receive an additional 5% discount on purchases made in the store or online, in addition
If you have found it difficult to say no to credit card offers you may have as many as ten credit cards or more bulging in your wallet or purse.  When you get an offer of better credit card interest rates, attractive benefits, or lower fees you may jump at what seems to be a
Best Buy Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Best Buy: My Best Buy Credit Card, My Best Buy Credit Card Preferred, My Best Buy MasterCard Platinum, and My Best Buy MasterCard Gold Rewards Program: Credit card holders can earn 5% back in rewards on Best Buy purchases with standard credit. Exclusive discounts and access to special sales and member-only
Nordstrom Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Nordstrom: Nordstrom Credit Card and Nordstrom Visa Signature Credit Card Rewards Program: Card holders earn 2 points for every one dollar in net purchases made at Nordstrom.  Every 2000 points earns a $20 gift certificate.  With the Nordstrom Visa Signature Credit Card, card holders also earn 1 point for every one
Now that the dust has settled over problem credit card portfolios with many of the largest bank credit card issuers, online credit card offers are on the rise.  Credit card companies use online credit card offers as one promotional tool to acquire potentially valuable customers. For credit card companies that allure of online credit card shoppers

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