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The average interest rate on new credit card offers made a very slight move to the upside as the summer months drew to a close.  Based on the most recent surve...(read more)

When searching for a solid low rate credit card, make sure to look beyond the big credit card issuers that have plastered their ads all over the internet and look at the offers by the smaller financial institutions.  Wi...(read more)
Some college students are in a situation where their parents are paying for their bills, so they may not see much need for a credit card.  Others are more independent, and may need an extra source of funds when they run short on cash.  In either case it is important for a young person to
Business credit cards are heavily marketed by a variety of credit card companies.  Business credit cards often offer many of the same features that are available on consumer credit cards.  These credit card offers are by and large made available to all sizes of businesses from the one employee home based business to large conglomerates. 
Sears   Sears operates Sears, Marshalls, Kmart and Lands’ End in the U.S. Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Sears: Sears Card and Sears MasterCard Card Rewards Program: Sears Card holders can save money with exclusive card member sales, receive special financing offers, obtain advanced notice of Sears sales events, and related special offers. Sears Credit Card Rates: Both cards have an
The Internet lets almost any consumer easily compare credit cards, fill out the credit card application online and receive an immediate credit card approval.  Shopping and comparing credit card offers online has become one of the most efficient and effective methods to obtain a new credit card.  The ability to go online and view the
Neiman Marcus   Neiman Marcus operates the Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, Horchow, and Cusp brand stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Credit Card and Bergdorf Goodman Credit Card Rewards Program: Receive 5,000 InCircle bonus points when a new credit card account is opened and a purchase is made on the same day. 
So, let’s assume that your current company isn’t willing to work you on lowering your credit card rate or offering any other helpful deals.  In this case, you have no choice, you have to get yourself a new credit card with nice low rates and transfer all your balances to it. Ann Landers always advised taking
The Lukoil Platinum MasterCard® is a gas credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware.  The number one feature of the Lukoil Platinum MasterCard is the ability to earn 4% in rebates at any Lukoil or Getty location. Gas credit cards offer rewards or special rebates on gas purchases.  The Lukoil Platinum MasterCard offers a lucrative reward
There you are, at your kitchen table, flipping out as you stare at this outrageous balance you’ve got on your high interest credit card.  Watch out for those double-digit credit card rates, the higher they are the worse it is for you.  What’s a self respecting consumer to do?  There are a number of options. 
This Citi bank credit card is an affinity credit card that also falls into the category of travel rewards credit cards.  The Hilton HHonors® Visa® Signature Card issued by Citibank is designed specifically for travelers that that use Hilton Hotels since the cards primary benefit is it allows a frequent traveler with Hilton Hotels to
Choosing a financial institution to handle credit card processing should be similar to choosing any financial institution a business elects to conduct business with.  Shopping and comparing the terms of credit card processing companies is not only a necessary part of a business’s plan to accept credit cards but may very well be an overlooked
Finding a good secured credit card has become easier and less costly as competition among the big banks and credit card issuers has expanded the number of credit card products in this category.  Secured credit cards are credit cards for people with bad credit or no credit.  These cards would often have high annual fees
Credit card agreements – all of those papers that come along with the new credit card – are well known for having fine print that outlines terms and conditions in language that can be difficult for the average consumer to understand.  Often what you don’t know regarding the terms disclosed can hurt you.  However, that
Best Buy Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Best Buy: My Best Buy Credit Card, My Best Buy Credit Card Preferred, My Best Buy MasterCard Platinum, and My Best Buy MasterCard Gold Rewards Program: Credit card holders can earn 5% back in rewards on Best Buy purchases with standard credit. Exclusive discounts and access to special sales and member-only
Offer No Longer Available The Discover Motiva credit card is one of the many credit card offers presented by Discover Bank.  This credit card is an entry into the field of credit card rewards cards that not only offer standard points rewards but rewards the card holders for making timely payments on the credit card account. With
L Brands   L Brands operates the Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, La Senza and Henri Bendel brands stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by L Brands: Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card and Henri Bendel A List Card Rewards Program: Card holders will earn 1 reward dollar for every $1 they spend with their Henri Bendel A-List credit
Understanding today’s credit card rates is a critical part of the credit card selection process.  Sure, credit card rewards are great and the type of credit card selected can be important but understanding the ins and outs of credit card rates can help save a lot of money.  Even after new credit card rules were passed
There are many possible reasons why you might want to dispute the charges to your credit card or credit cards.  The good news is that there is something called the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), that’s the federal law protecting the rights of consumers in these matters.  If you are feeling very motivated and really
Being late paying your bills is not unusual and happens to the best of us.  If a situation arises where you suddenly cannot pay your bills – loss of a job or a medical emergency – it is important to understand just what will happen if you find yourself delinquent on a loan or other
Office Depot Store cards offered by Office Depot: Office Depot Credit Card Rewards Program: The Office Depot Credit Card has special financing available for 6 months on purchases of $299 or more as well as special promotions throughout the year available to card holders. Office Depot Credit Card Rates: The rate for purchases with the Office Depot card is 27.99%.  This
Prepaid Visa or MasterCard credit cards are pre-funded cards that work just like standard issued credit cards.  A prepaid credit card account is opened by depositing money into the card account and is often able to be reloaded with new funds once the initial funds are depleted or run low.  Some of the greatest benefits of

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