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The average interest rate on new credit card offers made a very slight move to the upside as the summer months drew to a close.  Based on the most recent surve...(read more)

When searching for a solid low rate credit card, make sure to look beyond the big credit card issuers that have plastered their ads all over the internet and look at the offers by the smaller financial institutions.  Wi...(read more)
Ink Cash(SM) Business – $100 Bonus Cash Back The Chase Ink card offers a number of benefits for card holders and now has a promotion for additional cash back to go with a zero percent introductory credit card rate. The Chase Ink card is a business credit card offered by Chase Bank that has no
Choosing the right credit card to use for travel abroad can seem like an arduous task.  Don’t overlook the importance of doing some research in this matter.  The credit card you decide to use could make or break your trip if you get into a troublesome situation in a foreign country.  Making the right choice
Like it or not, we live in an electronic world in which the data trail we create behind us is a critical, direct link to our current and future financial success.  Though it certainly feels nice to carry a giant roll of bills in your pocket, the days when cash was king are long gone. 
The Chase +1 Student MasterCard is one of the more unique student credit cards marketed by Chase credit cards.  This credit card offers a distinctive rewards program and has some of the best credit card rates in the student credit card category.  The credit card reward points earned on this credit card are called Karma Points. 
Menards Store cards offered by Menards: Menards BIG card Rewards Program: Account holders can earn 2% quarterly on Menards purchases plus additional savings on select products and brands.  Card holders can also earn 1% on gas and merchandise at Menards partners including Speedway, Kwik Trip and Holiday Stationstores.  New accounts will receive a $10.00 rebate after spending $100.00 with
A credit card for bad credit can allow consumers that did not have ready access to credit the flexibility and convenience of having a credit card.  Credit cards for bad credit often come with more restrictions and higher interest rates than standard credit cards due to the credit history of the card holders who use
The Citi CashReturns® Credit Card is one of the most recent credit card offers in the category of rewards cards being promoted by Citi Cards.  This Citibank MasterCard offers a combination of low rates with cash back rewards program.  The Citi CashReturns MasterCard is marketed primarily towards consumers who have a good credit history and
Target Store cards offered by Target: Target credit card also known as the Target REDcard Rewards Program: The REDcard saves customers 5% on purchase made with the card in Target stores and on Target.com.  Account holders also receive free shipping when they use the REDcard at Target.com along with an additional 30 extra days to make returns should that
Tractor Supply Company Store cards offered by Tractor Supply: Tractor Supply personal credit card Tractor Supply Credit Card Rates: The APR for purchases with the credit card is currently at 25.99%.  This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.   The card also has a rate of 13.99% for select purchases eligible for the 24 or
Average business credit card rates remained stable this past week ending October 8th, 2010.  The average rate for new business credit card offers held at 12.80 percent.  The average business credit card rate in the Bestcreditcardrates.com survey of business credit cards is for new credit card offers in which the best credit card rate is evaluated
Most consumers have and use credit cards.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumers do not use their credit cards efficiently.  For those consumers that are comfortable using credit cards and are going to take on some credit card debt, it can be very beneficial to make smart credit card choices in selecting and using the
When you are deciding which airline mile or travel credit card is the one that best suits your needs there are several elements that may influence that decision. Determine the cost of the credit card for the rewards earned.  Evaluate the terms and conditions as you would any type of credit card.  Pay close attention to
Kohl’s Store cards offered by Kohl’s: Kohl’s Credit Card Rewards Program: New credit card applicants will save 15% on their first purchase using a new Kohl’s Charge.  Card holders will also earn an additional 15% discount with their new card in the mail as well as at least 12 special discounts of 30%, 20% or 15% every year. Kohl’s Credit
It is never too early to start thinking about a child’s financial future.  Before a child is 16, parents can instill financial responsibility through an allowance system.  After 16, parents are often encouraged to urge their teen to get a part-time job along with opening a checking account.  But things shouldn’t end there because nowadays
Credit card debt has been growing and growing for as long as the statistics have been recorded.  When we stand in line at the gas station and local mall we are accustomed to seeing the majority of customers pay with plastic.  In recent years we have seen a significant increase in charge card use at
The Chase Continental OnePass Plus credit card has always offered a number of perks for frequent flyers. Chase has a current credit card promotion for the Continental OnePass Plus credit card that sweetens the pot with a $50.00 bonus and more bonus miles. New Chase Continental OnePass Plus credit card holders can obtain a
Some college students are in a situation where their parents are paying for their bills, so they may not see much need for a credit card.  Others are more independent, and may need an extra source of funds when they run short on cash.  In either case it is important for a young person to
Choosing a frequent flyer credit card to meet your individual needs will depend on a few things.  Firstly, are you only interested in gaining miles with a singular account?  If that is so, then your choice will probably be fairly straightforward.  There is a more broad option though, as certain credit card companies will have
With credit card rewards, cardholders get various enticements just for making using the credit card and making purchases.  These rewards could be frequent flyer miles, gasoline credits, merchandise or cash.  So, on paper, it may appear that credit card rewards are better than traditional credit cards and credit card services.  Yet, there are issues associated
That first credit card is either a blessing or the beginning of the end and it is up to each person to decide which.  It seems so great at first; you just flash your credit card and go home with a carload of the things you haven’t been able to afford until now.  But when

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