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Uncertainty about the current and future course of the U.S. economy is holding consumer interest rates and bond rates in a very narrow range.  Range bound dome...(read more)

When searching for a solid low rate credit card, make sure to look beyond the big credit card issuers that have plastered their ads all over the internet and look at the offers by the smaller financial institutions.  Wi...(read more)
Just because a company has given you a credit card, essentially loaning you money doesn’t mean you should let the company push you around.  When problems arise you do have options.  A good consumer knows what these are and protects themselves.  Cardholders should know what their rights and protections are. The best way to guard against
Continued from Part 1: We can’t imagine that many people take out the previous month’s statement and compare the two, but it’s worth doing for a number of reasons.  Credit card companies can change just about anything they want to change in your agreement with you, from the credit card APR to the calculation of the
Ace Hardware Store cards and cobranded cards offered by Ace Hardware: Ace Rewards Platinum Visa and Ace Rewards Visa Signature Card Rewards Program: For every $1 of net purchases made with the card, the account holder will earn up to 10% in Ace Rewards points in select quarterly categories, up to 5% in Ace Rewards points at participating Ace
Even with a reduction in bank credit and tighter lending standards, there is an abundance of credit cards that consumers can choose to apply for.  Between the new low rate credit card balance transfer offers to a plethora of credit card rewards and credit card cash back offers, the market is full of credit cards. With
The Chase +1 Student MasterCard is one of the more unique student credit cards marketed by Chase credit cards.  This credit card offers a distinctive rewards program and has some of the best credit card rates in the student credit card category.  The credit card reward points earned on this credit card are called Karma Points. 
The Bank of America® Accelerated Cash Rewards™ American Express® Card is one of the many credit cards promoted by Bank America that has a very competitive cash rewards attribute. With this cash back credit card, the account holder will earn cash back on all purchases with no limit to the dollar amount that may be accumulated. 
The Orchard Bank MasterCard and Orchard Bank Visa credit card are targeted for people with less than perfect credit.  The Orchard Bank credit cards are some of the best priced credit cards for consumers that have poor credit or no credit.  Orchard Bank credit cards come with very reasonable fees and competitive credit card rates. 
Credit card shoppers need to be well versed on the fundamentals of how credit cards work and how they are used before choosing a new card.  Credit cards can be used for a wide variety of purposes, but their use can involve substantial costs and risk if not chosen and used properly.  Knowing how credit
True Value Store cards and cobranded cards offered by True Value: True Value Discover card and the True Value Credit Card Account Rewards Program: True Value Discover Card and True Value Credit Card purchases made at participating True Value stores and affiliated retailers will earn 3% back, True Value Discover cardholders will also earn 2% back on gas and
Putting a credit card in your wallet is a convenient way to avoid carrying cash while maintaining the ability to make purchases quickly.  Credit cards offer a convenient form of payment and also offer some safe guards that are not available for those consumers that pay with cash.  Credit card holders can also that participate
There are so many different options out there in terms of the credit cards that are available today.  With the growing popularity of online shopping, credit cards are becoming more and more the preferred way for many customer and businesses to complete transactions.  Because of this the options available are growing all the time, and
First time credit card users can follow some straight forward and easy to follow guidelines to avoid falling behind in their monthly credit card payments, racking up an unmanageable balance, and making their credit card a burden instead of a convenience. Stay within a budget.  New credit cards are not a ticket to spending money, period. 
L Brands   L Brands operates the Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Bath & Body Works, La Senza and Henri Bendel brands stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by L Brands: Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card and Henri Bendel A List Card Rewards Program: Card holders will earn 1 reward dollar for every $1 they spend with their Henri Bendel A-List credit
The Citi Gold Advantage World MasterCard is categorized as an airline rewards credit card.  This rewards credit card is especially geared towards the frequent flyer who uses American Airlines.  The bank credit card allows the American Airlines AAdvantage® frequent flyer to earn reward points to accumulate frequent flyer miles rapidly. The Citi Gold AAdvantage Card is
TJX  TJX operates T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post and HomeGoods stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by TJX: TJX Rewards Credit Card and TJX Rewards Platinum Credit Card Rewards Program: New card holders will receive 10% off of their first in store purchase. Card holders will earn 5 reward points for every one dollar in net purchases made at
Bank of America is one credit card issuer that always offers a wide array of card types with an equally wide assortment of credit card rates.  If you’re in the market for a new credit card, Bank of America is currently offering a number of cards to choose from.  Choose directly from the bank’s rewards credit
Target Store cards offered by Target: Target credit card also known as the Target REDcard Rewards Program: The REDcard saves customers 5% on purchase made with the card in Target stores and on Target.com.  Account holders also receive free shipping when they use the REDcard at Target.com along with an additional 30 extra days to make returns should that
Managing the credit card due date is one of the most valuable benefits of many credit cards that is often ignored.  Managing the credit card due date and credit card grace period can turn a good credit card into the best credit card.  The credit card grace period is the number of days between the closing
Chase Bank offers a broad assortment of choices in credits cards.  Chase offers VISA® or MasterCard® brand bank credit cards.  Chase credit card categories include rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, low introductory APR credit cards, no annual fee credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, travel credit cards, business credit cards, and student credit
Menards Store cards offered by Menards: Menards BIG card Rewards Program: Account holders can earn 2% quarterly on Menards purchases plus additional savings on select products and brands.  Card holders can also earn 1% on gas and merchandise at Menards partners including Speedway, Kwik Trip and Holiday Stationstores.  New accounts will receive a $10.00 rebate after spending $100.00 with

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