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Credit card interest rates had stabilized after absorbing the last rate increase delivered by the Federal Reserve at the end of 2016.  Rates on new credit card...(read more)

Wells Fargo is joining the blitz of credit card promotions with a new online only promotion on the bank’s Cash Wise Visa Card.  The bank is now offering a $150.00 cash rewards bonus for account holders that spend $1,0...(read more)
Responsible use of your credit cards goes hand in hand with safe use of your card.  Practice good fundamentals of credit card use and you minimize your exposure to identity theft, unauthorized spending, and other annoyances that accompany the loss or theft of a card. Here are a few basics to get you started. Sign your card
The credit card, that little piece of plastic that people love and hate at the same time, gets used millions of times all over the world.  It almost never fails, yet hardly anyone has appreciation for the process a credit card goes through for each transaction.  Well, for those who are curious read on, as
Having access to credit and having credit, especially good credit, has become much more important in lending and the credit card business.  Credit reports and credit scores now affects a significant amount of a consumer’s buying decision.  Having good credit helps individuals obtain the best credit card rates, can help get the best mortgage rate,
Following the top credit card do’s and avoiding the don’ts can help credit card shoppers and credit card users avoid costly mistakes. Do review your needs before applying for a new credit card.  When looking at new credit card offers, first ask yourself why?  Why do you need a credit card and what will use the
Amazon.com Store and cobranded cards offered by Amazon.com: Amazon.com Store Card and Amazon.com Visa Rewards card Rewards Program: With the Amazon.com Store Card, cardholders will earn a $10 Amazon.com gift card upon the approval of a new credit card application.  Cardholders also have access to special promotional financing terms that can include no interest charges if an account is
So someone has made off with your credit card information.  That is bad news indeed. Maybe you knew it right away because they took your actual credit card or maybe you only found out later when your statement came and suddenly there were purchases for one hundred fifty lobster grams and more shoes in sizes
Neiman Marcus   Neiman Marcus operates the Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Last Call, Horchow, and Cusp brand stores in the U.S. Store cards offered by Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Credit Card and Bergdorf Goodman Credit Card Rewards Program: Receive 5,000 InCircle bonus points when a new credit card account is opened and a purchase is made on the same day. 
For many credit card holders the number one issue pertaining to their credit card use is not using or choosing the right credit card but reducing their existing credit card balances.  For these credit card holders, their credit card balances need to be managed better and the balances need to be driven down. A common problem
Walmart Stores Store and cobranded cards offered by Walmart: Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard Rewards Program: With the Walmart Credit Card customers can save $25 when a new account is opened and used for purchases of $75.00 or more.  Account holders will also receive $10 off their next purchase when they make a 2nd purchase of $75.00 at
The Bank of America® Accelerated Cash Rewards™ American Express® Card is one of the many credit cards promoted by Bank America that has a very competitive cash rewards attribute. With this cash back credit card, the account holder will earn cash back on all purchases with no limit to the dollar amount that may be accumulated. 
Prepaid debit cards, which allow a customer to spend, based on amounts deposited onto the card, are a relatively new invention in the world of credit cards.  They were established by credit card companies as these companies wanted to find a way to provide alternative financing for at-risk credit card consumers.  The at-risk borrower was
One of the most common credit card mistakes that can drive a consumer off the path of good credit management is choosing a card that does not match their shopping and credit needs. Having a credit card with less than ideal terms is an absolute no-no. Finding the best credit card with the
While bank lending rates and interest rates continue to move lower in the second half of 2011, credit card rates seem to be standing still.  There a number of factors in play that influence the cost of credit including the interest rates charged for credit cards during an economic contraction.  Lower interest rates during a recession
Costco Store and cobranded cards offered by Costco: TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express Rewards Program: Card holders can earn 3% cash back at U.S. gas stations and on gasoline at Costco, 2% cash back at U.S. restaurants, 2% Cash Back on eligible travel purchases including those at Costco, and 1% cash back on other purchases including at
As some credit card applicants have experienced, there are some seemingly innocuous pieces of information in your credit report that can result in the credit card application getting denied.  Many of these little dings in a credit report that impact on a credit card application are the result of trivial or marginal actions conducted by
If you have less than perfect credit, do not fret.  There are quite a few of credit cards available for consumers that are geared towards individual that have poor credit or wish to build up their credit history.  Credit rates and terms on new credit card offers change regularly based on a number of conditions including
While banks and credit card companies are not reducing interest rates during the first half of 2011, they are expanding their credit card rewards and promotional offers. In today’s credit card market, there are so many credit card promotions to choose from, consumers have to research the promotional offers just as much as the credit card
Credit card rates have ticked down modestly this year and the best credit card rates available are now better than they’ve been for quite some time.  New bank credit card rates are moderately lower for purchase transactions and are measurably lower on credit card balance transfer transactions especially with regards to the promotional side of
Chase Freedom Visa with $200.00 Cash Back Bonus Best Deal for Credit Card Rewards The Chase Freedom Visa is one of the best credit card deals in the category of cash back credit cards. Chase Freedom® Visa – $200 Bonus Cash Back The Chase Freedom card has always made the top ten list for the best credit card
That first credit card is either a blessing or the beginning of the end and it is up to each person to decide which.  It seems so great at first; you just flash your credit card and go home with a carload of the things you haven’t been able to afford until now.  But when

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