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The increase in the fed funds rate put into effect by the Federal Reserve in December has had a direct impact on consumer credit card rates.  No question, as o...(read more)

Wells Fargo is joining the blitz of credit card promotions with a new online only promotion on the bank’s Cash Wise Visa Card.  The bank is now offering a $150.00 cash rewards bonus for account holders that spend $1,0...(read more)
Ink Cash(SM) Business – $100 Bonus Cash Back The Chase Ink card offers a number of benefits for card holders and now has a promotion for additional cash back to go with a zero percent introductory credit card rate. The Chase Ink card is a business credit card offered by Chase Bank that has no
Credit cards are not just for making quick purchases in lieu of cash or checks or for those times when there is a short term cash crunch or for making big ticket purchase transactions.  Credit cards can also easily work as an efficient and effective bill paying machine. Almost all bank credit cards offer a bill
Our relationship with our credit card is a tricky thing and it is easy for some people to get into bad habits.  If you open up your monthly statement when it comes in the mail and the first thing you look for is the minimum credit card payment due, you’ve fallen into one of these
Do you suffer from chronic shyness?  Do you often feel invisible or inconsequential?  Do you feel a need to be more assertive at work or at home?  With a boss, an employee, a spouse, a friend, or a child?  Try a new path to bravado by starting with your credit card company. Call them up and ask
Amazon.com Store and cobranded cards offered by Amazon.com: Amazon.com Store Card and Amazon.com Visa Rewards card Rewards Program: With the Amazon.com Store Card, cardholders will earn a $10 Amazon.com gift card upon the approval of a new credit card application.  Cardholders also have access to special promotional financing terms that can include no interest charges if an account is
Since credit cards have become such an indispensible financial tool for consumers, credit card offers continue to flood the market in good times and bad.  Credit cards are a prevalent form of payment today and this is not likely to change in the near future.  Even when credit card use starts to contract in a
If you have found it difficult to say no to credit card offers you may have as many as ten credit cards or more bulging in your wallet or purse.  When you get an offer of better credit card interest rates, attractive benefits, or lower fees you may jump at what seems to be a
Bad credit card options have never quite returned to their best market days, however bad credit card deals are available with a wide selection to choose from.  The key is always to find the best credit card with the best credit card rate even when your credit is far from perfect. Bad credit for a consumer
Zero interest cards are creative promotional products from the credit card companies that promise no interest for a temporary length of time.  These credit card offers are marketing strategies designed to lure customers to a different credit card by offering to have your present outstanding balance transferred to their card at zero percent interest rate. Zero
The Chase Continental OnePass Plus credit card has always offered a number of perks for frequent flyers. Chase has a current credit card promotion for the Continental OnePass Plus credit card that sweetens the pot with a $50.00 bonus and more bonus miles. New Chase Continental OnePass Plus credit card holders can obtain a
If you go to the mailbox and find your credit card statement, and immediately get the last month’s statement and sit down with them and compare the credit card APRs to make sure you didn’t get an increase, and look at all of your purchases to make sure the charges are legitimate, what are you
The Citi Gold Advantage World MasterCard is categorized as an airline rewards credit card.  This rewards credit card is especially geared towards the frequent flyer who uses American Airlines.  The bank credit card allows the American Airlines AAdvantage® frequent flyer to earn reward points to accumulate frequent flyer miles rapidly. The Citi Gold AAdvantage Card is
There are so many different options out there in terms of the credit cards that are available today.  With the growing popularity of online shopping, credit cards are becoming more and more the preferred way for many customer and businesses to complete transactions.  Because of this the options available are growing all the time, and
The Chase Freedom MasterCard has a new introductory credit card rate to accompany the current promotion to receive $100.00 in cash back. With the Chase Freedom credit card, new card holders can obtain a $100.00 credit card cash back bonus after the card holder makes $500.00 in net purchases in the first three months
Walmart Stores Store and cobranded cards offered by Walmart: Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard Rewards Program: With the Walmart Credit Card customers can save $25 when a new account is opened and used for purchases of $75.00 or more.  Account holders will also receive $10 off their next purchase when they make a 2nd purchase of $75.00 at
It seems like everyone is looking to transfer credit card balances these days. There are certainly a number of reasons why this could help your financial situation if it’s done the right way.  Perhaps there is a high-cost feature of your current credit card, such as a high credit card interest rate or high credit
Home Depot Store cards offered by Home Depot: Home Depot consumer credit card Rewards Program: Account holders can receive no interest charges for 6 months if the account is paid in full on purchases of $299 or more as well as special financing offers on select purchases and merchandise categories. Home Depot Credit Card Rates: The APRs currently available on purchases
A credit card is an incredible convenience that has immeasurable rewards and benefits, but it can lead some people into trouble because they don’t have good training in personal finance, or find they are living in difficult circumstances.  If we haven’t found ourselves in credit card trouble or having difficulty with the credit card payment,
Dillard’s   Store cards offered by Dillard’s: Dillard’s Credit Card and Dillard’s American Express Card Rewards Program: Dillard’s card holders will earn a 10% off Welcome Shopping Pass in their first statement when they open a Dillard’s account and charge $100 with Dillard’s. For every $1 spent in net purchases made with a Dillard’s card, the card holder will earn 2
Most consumers have and use credit cards.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumers do not use their credit cards efficiently.  For those consumers that are comfortable using credit cards and are going to take on some credit card debt, it can be very beneficial to make smart credit card choices in selecting and using the

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