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Credit card interest rates had stabilized after absorbing the last rate increase delivered by the Federal Reserve at the end of 2016.  Rates on new credit card...(read more)

For quite a few credit card users, using a credit card is more than a payment tool, it’s a payment source that earns rewards for later use.  Rewards hungry credit card users can choose from a plethora of rewards progr...(read more)
Staples Store cards offered by Staples: Staples Credit Card Rewards Program: Staples Credit Card holders receive 5% back in rewards, free shipping on staples.com orders, automatic upgrade to Staples Premier status and flexible payment options that includes deferred financing plans for 6, 12, and 18 months. Staples Credit Card Rates: The current credit card APR is 27.99% for purchase transactions.  This
Credit card agreements – all of those papers that come along with the new credit card – are well known for having fine print that outlines terms and conditions in language that can be difficult for the average consumer to understand.  Often what you don’t know regarding the terms disclosed can hurt you.  However, that
Before the concept of credit cards rewards came about, consumers did not receive anything extra other than interest charges, late fees and annual fees when using their credit cards.  Reward credit cards with cash back bonuses and point systems are now a standard feature in the credit card industry.  The AT&T Universal Card and the
Chase Bank offers a broad assortment of choices in credits cards.  Chase offers VISA® or MasterCard® brand bank credit cards.  Chase credit card categories include rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, low introductory APR credit cards, no annual fee credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, travel credit cards, business credit cards, and student credit
Responsible use of your credit cards goes hand in hand with safe use of your card.  Practice good fundamentals of credit card use and you minimize your exposure to identity theft, unauthorized spending, and other annoyances that accompany the loss or theft of a card. Here are a few basics to get you started. Sign your card
Credit cards come in a variety types with varying credit card rates, credit card limits, credit card fees and credit card reward programs.  It is important to know the different card types before choosing the best credit card that meets your financial needs.  Prior to filling out the credit card application and deciding which credit
If you have received a new credit card recently you probably recall being asked in an aggressive and persistent way if you are interested in adding credit insurance.  This can happen when you receive the mailing that delivers the credit card, and it often happens when you call to activate the card.  Sometimes follow up
There are so many different options out there in terms of the credit cards that are available today.  With the growing popularity of online shopping, credit cards are becoming more and more the preferred way for many customer and businesses to complete transactions.  Because of this the options available are growing all the time, and
Kohl’s Store cards offered by Kohl’s: Kohl’s Credit Card Rewards Program: New credit card applicants will save 15% on their first purchase using a new Kohl’s Charge.  Card holders will also earn an additional 15% discount with their new card in the mail as well as at least 12 special discounts of 30%, 20% or 15% every year. Kohl’s Credit
Credit cards are not just for making quick purchases in lieu of cash or checks or for those times when there is a short term cash crunch or for making big ticket purchase transactions.  Credit cards can also easily work as an efficient and effective bill paying machine. Almost all bank credit cards offer a bill
It’s easy to find someone who wants to give you a credit card, but you have to be smart to get a good one.  Credit companies and credit card offers crop like weeds.  Choosing the best credit card requires smarts.  Let’s get smart. Always take a look at the Schumer box.  What’s that?  By federal law
Like it or not, we live in an electronic world in which the data trail we create behind us is a critical, direct link to our current and future financial success.  Though it certainly feels nice to carry a giant roll of bills in your pocket, the days when cash was king are long gone. 
Choosing the right credit card to use for travel abroad can seem like an arduous task.  Don’t overlook the importance of doing some research in this matter.  The credit card you decide to use could make or break your trip if you get into a troublesome situation in a foreign country.  Making the right choice
Average business credit card rates remained stable this past week ending October 8th, 2010.  The average rate for new business credit card offers held at 12.80 percent.  The average business credit card rate in the Bestcreditcardrates.com survey of business credit cards is for new credit card offers in which the best credit card rate is evaluated
There is quite a variety of credit cards available for consumers that have bad credit and consumers that wish to use a credit card to establish a good credit profile.  These types of credit cards are for consumers with clear needs yet divergent credit backgrounds.  The credit card programs for these consumers are designed by
Target Store cards offered by Target: Target credit card also known as the Target REDcard Rewards Program: The REDcard saves customers 5% on purchase made with the card in Target stores and on Target.com.  Account holders also receive free shipping when they use the REDcard at Target.com along with an additional 30 extra days to make returns should that
Choosing a financial institution to handle credit card processing should be similar to choosing any financial institution a business elects to conduct business with.  Shopping and comparing the terms of credit card processing companies is not only a necessary part of a business’s plan to accept credit cards but may very well be an overlooked
The Fort Knox Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum card offers one of the best, if not the best, rewards programs for gas purchases.  The credit card currently rewards card holders with 5% cash back on gas purchases.  On top of the chart topping gas purchase rewards, the credit card has a low interest rate and
Bad credit card options have never quite returned to their best market days, however bad credit card deals are available with a wide selection to choose from.  The key is always to find the best credit card with the best credit card rate even when your credit is far from perfect. Bad credit for a consumer
One of the first lessons to learn in financial management and credit is to manage your debt and manage your debt payments.  In order to manage credit and debt it is essential to understand the relationship between the cost of credit and interest rates.  Understanding the relationship between the cost of credit and interest rates

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