The Bank of America® Accelerated Cash Rewards™ American Express® Card is one of the many credit cards promoted by Bank America that has a very competitive cash rewards attribute.

With this cash back credit card, the account holder will earn cash back on all purchases with no limit to the dollar amount that may be accumulated.  The credit card account holder will earn 1.25% cash rewards fro every $1.00 in net retail transactions.

Earned credit card rewards can be redeemed by being paid with a check, a credit card statement credit or direct deposit to the account holders checking or savings account.  Credit card rewards can be redeemed in increments of $50.00 with no limit to the dollar amount that can be earned with the card.  Credit card rewards earned with use of the card will expire after a period of 5 years.

The credit card also offers a 0% introductory credit card rate.  The introductory credit card APR is only for purchases and balance transfers and lasts for a period of either 7 or 10 monthly billing cycles depending upon the credit  card applicants qualifications.  The introductory credit card APR may be terminated if the account holder exceeds the credit limit or are late with a credit card payment.  After the introductory period, the credit card rate will be a variable rate between 12.99% and 20.99% depending upon the credit worthiness of the applicant.

All of the credit card offered by Bank of America include extra protection and added utilities.  The Free Total Security Protection® package protects credit card account holders against fraud and unauthorized use of a credit card.  The accounts also have free online banking access.  And the credit cards can be used for optional checking account overdraft protection as well.  

All account terms are governed by the Credit Card Agreement with the bank.  All terms, including the APRs and fees, are subject to change at any time, for any reason, in accordance with the executed credit card agreement.  Credit card terms and rates are not guaranteed for any period of time; all terms, including the APRs and fees, may change in accordance with the credit card agreement.  

For those consumers looking for a new credit card to earn cash rebates, the Bank of America credit card is certainly a viable option.  Bank of America credit cards can be applied for online or over the phone.

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