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Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Compare and review the best cash back credit cards. With cash back credit cards card holders earn cash back on every day purchases such as groceries, merchandise, gas and even money spent at restaurants. Bestcreditcradrates.com provides information on a number of credit card offers combined with timely news and advice to help consumers find the best cash back credit card with the best credit card rate. Search from some of the biggest credit card companies and the top credit card cash back offers.

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards June 2010

With credit card cash back rewards card holders can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year in cash back rewards just by making everyday purchases.  Cash back rewards can be in the form of cash credits to the account, checks written directly to the account holder or other reward options.  In order to be classified as a cash back credit card, the rewards have to available as account statement credit or a check.

Credit card companies offer a plethora of cash back options.  Each credit card company manages the rewards programs with the same general principle, each time the account holder makes a purchase transaction with the credit card, cash back rewards are accumulated.

Of course, some cash back credit cards are better than others.  The following is a review of the top three best cash back credit cards available today.

****This Credit Card Offer is No Longer Available****

The Discover® More® credit card is one of the best cash back credit cards available.  A number of credit card review sites go the extra step and consider the Discover More credit card one of the best overall credit cards in the market at this time.

****This Credit Card Offer is No Longer Available****

The Discover More Card allows card holders to earn 5% cash back in categories that include travel, gas, groceries, restaurants and more.  In addition, with the Discover More Card the account holder also get 1% cash back on all other purchases made with the card.

The Discover More Card has no annual fee and also has a 0% introductory credit card APR on purchases and credit card balance transfers.  The introductory credit card APR on purchases is for a period of six months while the introductory rate on credit card balance transfers is for a period of 12 months.  The standard credit card rate may be as low as 11.99% on a variable APR based on the credit history of the applicant.

The Discover More card also has no annual fee.

The Chase Freedom® Visa card is another great cash back credit card that has no annual fee and allows the card holder to earn up to 5% cash back rewards on select purchases.

The Chase Freedom Visa credit card offers 5% cash back on a wide variety of purchases including gas, home improvement, department and grocery stores and travel.  The 5% cash back credit card reward is a bonus that card holders are eligible for quarterly.  All other purchase transactions earn a 1% cash back reward. 

Similar to the Discover credit card, the Chase credit card is now offering a zero percent introductory credit card rate on purchases and credit card balance transfers.  The introductory credit card rate on purchases is for six months and 12 months for balance transfers.

After the introductory credit card rate period, the standard credit card is a variable rate that can be as low as 12.99% depending the credit card applicant’s credit history.

There is no maximum number of rewards that can be accumulated in the program.  There is no annual fee with this Chase credit card.

The Blue Cash® Card from American Express® is yet another 5% cash back rewards credit card available that also has no annual fee.

With the Blue Cash Card from American Express card holders can earn up to 5% cash back at supermarkets, gas stations, and drugstores, plus up to 1.25% cash back for all other purchases.  Two twists with American Express include a spending threshold to obtain the bonus rewards and the ability to add additional card holders to help earn rewards.  By spending more than $6,500.00 on the credit card, card holders boost their standard reward earnings of 0.5% to 1.25% on all purchases and earn from 1% to 5% on select items such as groceries and gasoline.

The credit card also has an introductory credit card rate on credit card purchases of zero percent that lasts for period of six months.  After the six months period ends, the standard credit card rate on purchase transactions may be a slow as 17.24% depending on the credit profile of the applicant.

Even with a spending minimum to obtain rewards this doesn’t require the credit card holder to carry a balance to earn the cash back rewards.  All three credit cards can earn the cash back rewards without incurring any interest charges.  All of the credit cards reviewed allow the account holder to earn their cash back rewards and still pay off any charges monthly to avoid interest charges.  And with no annual fee, the rewards are all free of charge.

The Discover credit card has a 25 day grace period, the American Express credit card also has a 25 day grace period and the Chase credit card has a 21 day grace period to pay off existing balances without incurring interest charges.

All of the credit cards reviewed also offer flexible rewards program and additional benefits.

Bestcreditcardrates.com provides the information on these credit cards as well as other credit card reviews and resources to help consumers choose the best credit card with the best credit card rate to fit their needs.  Bestcreditcardrates.com makes every attempt to provide content regarding the credit card offers that is up to date; however the terms of the credit card offer can not be guaranteed.