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Best Credit Card Rates Balance Transfer

The best credit card rates for balance transfers includes credit cards that have low introductory rates and even zero percent credit card rates on balance transfer transactions. Balance transfer credit card offers are designed to help card holders consolidate credit card debt onto one card, thereby saving money on monthly credit card interest charges.

There are a number credit card companies that offer credit card balance transfer deals that can save consumers 100s or even 1000s of dollars. Search through the balance transfer credit card offers listed on this site to find the best credit card with the best credit card rate to fit your needs. Compare the best balance transfer credit card offers side by side in order to determine which card is the right fit.

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Best Credit Card Rates Balance Transfer Card Best Deal with Slate

Slate(SM) from Chase

Slate(SM) from Chase

The Chase Slate credit card is one of the top balance transfer credit cards on the market due to the zero percent introductory credit card rate that applies to both credit card balance transfer transactions as well as purchase transactions for qualified credit card applicants.

The Slate from Chase credit card has three credit card interest rate tiers. There is Standard pricing, Elite pricing and Premium pricing. The current credit card rates on purchase transactions and balance transfer transactions after the introductory period expires for those three tiers are: 11.24 percent for Elite, 17.24 percent for Premium and 22.24 percent for Standard pricing.

Elite and Premium pricing approved credit card applicants are able to make purchases with a zero percent credit card interest rate for a period of 12 months after opening a new Slate credit card account. In addition, these card holders will also obtain a zero percent credit card rate on balance transfers for the first 12 months after opening a new Chase Slate card.

Standard pricing receives the zero percent introductory credit card rate on purchases for six months and do not receive the zero rate on balance transfers.

The credit card rate for all pricing is a variable rate based on the Prime Rate which is currently at 3.25 percent.

The Slate from Chase credit card receives the recognition as best credit card rate on a balance transfer credit card for the introductory rate, the low rates for Elite and Premium pricing as well as fact that the Chase Slate credit card offers this with no annual fee.

The Slate card from Chase comes with the payment and balance management program called BluePrint. BluePrint provides the cardholder a set of online tools that allows the cardholder see how long they would take to pay off their current credit card balance based on a number of payment and purchase scenarios. The idea behind BluePrint is to help Chase card holders pay their credit card balances down faster and avoid unnecessary interest charges. These tools can certainly help a card holder understand their payment options, interest costs and future debt load better.

A brief credit card review of the Slate from Chase includes the following points:

  • Click “Apply Here” to apply online or learn more
  • 0% Intro APR for up to 12 months
  • Slate with Blueprint(SM) helps you pay down your balances faster and save on interest
  • Transfer your higher rate balances
  • Zero liability on unauthorized purchases
  • No Annual Fee

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Take a look at one of the best deals for a balance transafer credit card with the best credit card rate with Chase Slate credit card.

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