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Best Credit Card Rewards

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Best Credit Card Rewards June 2010

Despite the harsh credit climate, a number of credit cards continue to offer very good credit card rewards programs.  Some rewards programs have been cut back over the past two years but the marketing machines of the big credit card companies are once again fired up as they compete to attract new credit card customers and keep their existing ones.  The key is to use the marketing muscle of the credit card companies to your advantage and find the best credit card rate with the best credit card rewards.

The best credit card that pays rewards, including credit card cash back, air miles rewards, or reward points often charge a slightly higher interest rate than the low rate credit cards available and many of these cards will have annual fees as well as a variety of different plans for earning the rewards.  Shopping and comparing the best credit cards available is essential to obtain the right card to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Most credit card holders participate in some form of credit card rewards program.  Rewards benefits and limitations vary from card to card, but there are some disadvantages of rewards cards to consider.  Be sure to read the fine print before you commit to any rewards credit card and keep an eye on the following card attributes.

Many rewards cards require that you pay an annual fee, review the credit cards in the rewards category that fits your lifestyle and find the best credit card with low or no annual fees.

Choose a card that matches your shopping habits and spending patterns.  Credit card companies offer rewards cards to match almost every lifestyle from gas and grocery purchases to travel purchases and more.  By choosing a credit card that meets your lifestyle you will be less inclined to spend more to earn rewards.

Earn the rewards.  Use the rewards credit card cards frequently.  Instead of paying cash, use your rewards credit card for most of your shopping to get the most benefits without spending more than needed.

While the variety and depth of rewards programs are a great feature of these cards, the credit card rate should be as low as possible to make the value of the rewards worth any charges incurred.

Some of the best credit cards available with the best credit card rates include:

Miles by Discover is a rewards credit card geared towards travel rewards with a low interest rate and no annual fee.  The Discover credit card gives the new credit card holders the ability to earn 12,000 additional miles and is now offering an introductory zero percent interest rate on purchases and balance transfers for the first six months.  The variable credit card rate for purchases is as low as 11.99% currently for the most credit worthy applicants.

The Discover More credit card is another low rate card with generous rewards.  The main reward program for this card is a cash back bonus.  This Discover credit card has no annual fee and a credit card rate that may be as low as 11.99%.  The credit card rewards 1% cash back for all purchases and 5% cash back in select categories including travel, gas, groceries, restaurants and more.  The card also has a zero percent introductory credit card rate for six months on purchases and balance transfers.

The Chase Sapphire credit card has a low rate and generous terms for reward points.  This Chase credit card has a variable credit card rate of 12.24% and has no annual fee.  The credit card rewards points is fairly straight forward with the card holder earning 1 point for every $1.00 spent on net purchases with an additional bonus of 10,000 points when a cardholder receives and uses a new credit card.  Credit card holders can earn an unlimited number of points that do not have an expiration time period.

The Capital One Venture and VentureOne Rewards Visa credit card are two more cards to consider in the travel rewards category.  The credit card APR on either card is at 13.90% currently on a variable rate.  The Capital One VentureOne credit card has an introductory credit card rate of 0% for purchases through May 20111.  The VentureOne card allows the cardholder to earn 1.25 miles fro every $1.00 in net purchases.  The Venture card allows the card holder to earn 2 miles per $1.00 on every purchase and also offers 10,000 bonus miles for new credit card holders that spend $1,000.00 in the first three months.

Rewards cards provide all the convenience and extended benefits of a typical credit card with the opportunity to also earn free or discounted flights, hotels, cash back and more.  All of the rates, rewards, and other terms are current as of this publication date but are not guaranteed.  Credit card rates and terms change regularly.  Please consult the current terms and conditions provided by the credit card company.

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