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Best Gas Credit Card

Compare the best gas credit cards with the best credit card rates. Gas credit cards offer rebates or rewards on gas purchases. Find the best gas credit cards including the BP credit card, Exxon gas credit card, business gas card, reward credit cards for gas purchases and more. Search reviews about the best low interest rate gas reward cards and apply online with the quick and easy gas credit card application. Apply for a gas credit card with good credit or find a bad credit gas card. Listed gas cards include credit cards that give card rewards, cash back, points and other rebates on gasoline purchases with no annual fees. View new credit cards offers and promotions as well as current information on the credit card industry.

* See the online credit card application for details about terms and conditions. Reasonable efforts are made to maintain accurate information. However all credit card information is presented without warranty. When you click on the - Apply Now - button, you can review the credit card terms and conditions on the issuers website.

One of the Best Gas Credit Cards, Period

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum card

The Fort Knox Federal Credit Union VISA Platinum card offers one of the best, if not the best, rewards programs for gas purchases.  The credit card currently rewards card holders with 5% cash back on gas purchases.  On top of the chart topping gas purchase rewards, the credit card has a low interest rate and low fees. 

The Fort Knox FCU Visa Platinum credit card is a rewards credit card which means card holders earn rewards on more than just gas purchases.  The card offers 1% cash back rebates on all qualifying retail purchases.

The credit card has no annual fee.  The card also charges no balance transfer fees.  The low interest rate offered is based on the Prime Rate plus a margin.  The credit card rate is indexed with margin between 3.00% and 6.00% based on credit worthiness to the Prime Rate as published in the Midwest Edition of the Wall Street Journal

The cash back and gas purchase rebates will appear on the card holder’s monthly billing statement.  The card also comes with some standard features such as auto rental and travel insurance

The one restriction is the credit card is only available to members of Fort Knox Federal Credit Union.  Membership is available to a wide group of individuals including members of the American Consumer Council which accepts anyone with a donation.

Fort Knox Federal is based in Kentucky.  The credit union serves approximately 80,000 members worldwide and currently operates 15 branches throughout central Kentucky.  Along with members of the American Consumer Council, membership is available to of any of the Employer Groups served by the credit union as well as individuals that live, work, worship, attend school, or regularly do business in the credit unions service areas and active duty and retired military, Reserve, Guard, and civil service employees.

More information about the credit union and the credit card offer with gas rewards can be obtained by visiting the institutions web site at fortknoxfcu.org or by calling the Fort Knox FCU customer service number at (800) 285-5669.

Please note that credit card rates and terms are subject to change at any time at the discretion of individual credit union.  Other terms and conditions could apply.  Although the information has been obtained from the financial institution and its ancillary resources, the accuracy of the information is not guaranteed.

Comparing and Using Gas Credit Cards

Gas station charge cards have revolutionized into more than just charge cards for a specific gas station or brand.  Gas credit cards are now more commonly marketed as major bank credit cards that offer credit card rewards, rebates and additional incentives.

The retail specific gas credit cards offered by major gasoline retailers are still on the market and widely held.  Most of these credit cards are issued now as prepaid credit cards.  Shell and BP are two examples of companies who offer gas prepaid cards for consumers and also offer branded credit cards associated with a bank.

The days of obtaining a gas credit card that is just used for gas are slowly fading away.  Most gas station credit cards are issued as either a bank Visa credit card or a bank MasterCard.  With Visa or MasterCard network association; these credit cards can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services, goods and services that could be purchased with any standard bank credit card.

In addition to being able to purchase a wider variety of products and services, gas station credit cards also offer a variety of rewards.  From discounts on gas purchases to reward points and cash back, gas station credit cards have become very competitive products in the credit card marketplace.

The credit card rewards certainly add appeal to theses cards especially for those credit card holders that frequent a particular gas station.

Gas credit cards come with a wide range of credit card rates and a wide range of credit card rewards.  These credit cards can carry higher interest rates than a standard credit card which makes shopping and comparing the available gas credit card offers critical in order to receive the best gas credit card to match your needs.

An example of some of the current credit card rewards or rebates that are available on gas credit cards can be found with the Shell Platinum MasterCard and the BP Visa credit card.

With the Shell Platinum MasterCard, credit card holders can earn up to 5% worth of rebates on Shell gasoline purchases and earn an additional 1% rebates on all other purchases made with the credit card.  With the BP Visa credit card, card holders also earn a 5% rebate on all purchase transaction at BP as well as a 2% rebate on certain travel and dining transactions and a 1% rebate on other purchase transactions.
Specific credit card information and details is accurate as of this publication date but is not guaranteed.  Read the current term and conditions of any credit card offer before filling out the credit card application. 

Choosing the best gas credit card is made easier by quickly and easily reviewing multiple credit card offers in one location.  See the wide array of credit card offers at Bestcreditcardrates.com before choosing your next card.

Best Gas Credit Card Lukoil MasterCard

The Lukoil Platinum MasterCard® is a gas credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware.  The number one feature of the Lukoil Platinum MasterCard is the ability to earn 4% in rebates at any Lukoil or Getty location.

Gas credit cards offer rewards or special rebates on gas purchases.  The Lukoil Platinum MasterCard offers a lucrative reward program for drivers who purchase gas regularly from Lukoil or Getty gas stations.

 Along with rewards or rebates for gas purchases with the credit card at Lukoil and Getty gas stations, credit card holders can also earn a 1% credit card rebate on all other qualifying net purchases.

The credit card offers a special promotion for new credit cards in which rebates earned during the first two billing cycles after your account is open will be increased to 8% on purchases at Lukoil or Getty locations, and 2% on all other net qualifying purchases excluding purchases made from merchants that sell gasoline other than Lukoil or Getty branded gasoline.

The credit card rate is a variable rate that is currently at either 12.24%, 14.24% or17.24% depending on the credit history of the card applicant.  The variable credit card APRs on the account are determined each billing cycle by adding a margin to the Prime Rate.
The gas credit card also offers an introductory credit card rate on balance transfers.  For the first six billing cycles after opening a new credit card the rate on credit card balance transfers is zero percent.

The grace period on the Lukoil Platinum MasterCard is 23 days.  The credit card due date is at least 23 days after the close of each billing cycle.  Interest is not charged on the credit card account if the total credit card balance is paid by the due date each month.

The bank credit card also comes with no annual fee.

The credit card review is believed to be accurate as of this publication date but is subject to change at any time by the credit card issuer.  All credit card information is presented without guarantee.   Credit card offer are subject to credit approval.  Please see the credit card application for details about current terms and conditions.

Bestcreditcardrates.com provides information on this gas credit card as well as other credit card reviews and tools to help consumers choose the best credit card with the best credit card rate.

Best Gas Credit Card Options

Gas station credit cards are marketed offering special rebates or rewards on gas purchases.  Gas credit cards are available as credit cards specifically targeted for use at one particular service station such as the Shell MasterCard or BP Visa card or they may be designed to offer rewards or rebates on all gas purchases regardless of the service station where the transaction took place.

Gas credit cards can be very helpful to save money on gas purchases.  With a gas credit card, the account holder can save from 1 % to 5% or more on each gallon of gas purchased.  These credit cards allow the users to save money at the pump each time they use the credit card.

Gas charge cards were originally issued exclusively for credit purchases with a specific oil company such as the Shell card or a Mobil card.  Now gas cards are not only for use at the gas station but they are also credit cards that can be used for the purchase of anything that can be paid for with a standard credit card.  These gas credit cards or gas rewards credit cards can be used at any retailer or merchant that accepts major credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard.

There may be a variety of reasons why an individual would want to apply for a gas credit card.  One of the biggest drivers for an increase in gas credit card applications is the rising cost of gasoline.  A gas charge card also allows the account holder to make purchases for gas while leaving other credit cards available for use on other transactions.

There is a wide variety of gas credit cards available to choose from that are issued by a number of different credit card companies.  Gas rebate credit cards range from cards such as the Discover Open Road credit card which offers double cash back rewards on gas station purchases along with other rewards to the BP Visa credit card which offers 5% rebates on all BP gas location purchases. 

Almost any consumer that travels by car can benefit from a gas card but with the wide array of gas cards available, individuals are certain to find that one gas card may be better than another at matching their lifestyle and budget.

Consumers that apply for a gas rebate credit card need to know what gas stations the credit card provides the rewards or rebate on along with the credit card rate and costs as well as any other restrictions or benefits that the credit card may offer.

To apply for a gas credit card, find the best credit card online by searching among the credit card offers at Bestcreditcardrates.com, provide the information requested and click on the submit button.

Bestcreditcardrates.com provides information on the best gas credit cards as well as other credit card reviews and resources to help consumers choose the best credit card with the best credit card rate. 

All credit card information regarding specific credit card terms and offers are presented without guarantee.  Before applying for a new credit card read the current credit card terms and conditions.