There can be numerous advantages to having a business credit card for either occasional use or to cover regular monthly expenses.

Business credit cards operate just like a consumer credit cards when it comes to making transactions with the card.  A business credit card can used for online transactions, in store purchases, phone orders and reservations just like a standard consumer credit card.  Business credit cards also offer rewards and rebates just like consumer credit cards and even offer online credit access for easy financial management similar to many consumer credit cards.

However, there are some key advantages to having a business credit card for small business owners and designated employees.  

Business cards are opened under the name of the business as well as the name of the cardholder.  This helps keep strict business and business related transactions separate from personal purchases and transactions.  With a segregated business account, business credit card account holders can simplify their bookkeeping.  Business managers and account holders can simply use their monthly or quarterly credit card statements to review purchases and expenses for the business.

Business credit cards are a great tool to maintain for unexpected expenses and credit needs.  With a business credit card, the business has now created a line of credit that can be used for any worthwhile purpose.  The business credit card can be used as a rotating credit line that is used regularly for purchases or held for more infrequent needs such as large purchases or tight cash flow conditions. 

Once the business credit card is acquired and the credit limit is maintained, the account holder doesn’t have to make a bank request or engage in special procedures to access the available credit.  With the business credit card, the account owners can have access to credit when they need it and pay back the balance over time or all at one when the cash flow is available.

Obtaining a business credit card allows the account holder to get additional credit cards for managers or employees or other designated individuals.  The business credit cards for other parties can facilitate transactions without the need for separate approvals per transaction.  The credit card holder or business owner often has the option of placing restrictions on the additional business credit cards to keep a control on spending.

Business credit cards are also available with rewards programs and other credit card promotions that can be advantageous for the account holder.  Business credit card holders that have chosen a card with a credit card rewards program can reap the benefits of the program as they see fit.  This means they can share the rewards or perhaps not.  In addition, business credit card rewards are generally based on net purchase transactions not the outstanding credit card balance. 

Business credit card holders can earn rewards by simply using the credit card for every day purchases and pay the balance off monthly and therefore incur no interest charges yet earn the credit card rewards that are available with the card.

Each business credit card marketed today has a different set of terms, conditions and features.  As with a consumer credit card, business credit card shoppers need to select a credit card that offers the lowest rates and costs and largest rewards.  Credit card companies and banks offer numerous options for new business credit cards so it is important to choose the best credit card with the best credit card that matches your business and personal needs.

Applying for a new business credit card has never been easier with safe and secure online credit card applications.  The business credit card reviews at provides the resources to help you narrow down your choices and make the selection process quick and easy.

Additional resources can be found at Chase Business Cards.

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