Rates Current as of Sunday September 24, 2017

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card

For individuals with very good credit, Capital One’s Platinum Prestige credit card offer has some attributes worth considering.  The Capital One Platinum Prestige Credit Card starts with a zero percent introductory credit card rate. 

The credit card offers 0% APR on credit card purchase transactions until November 2010 as well as 0% APR on credit card balance transfers until November 2010. 

With the Capital One Platinum Prestige Card, there are added benefits like shopping discounts through the Capital One shopping program, roadside assistance services, 24 hour emergency travel assistance and travel insurance, $0 fraud protection that will ensure that you are not charged for unauthorized purchases, emergency card replacement and other service provided by the credit card company and MasterCard credit card services.

The Platinum Prestige credit card from Capital One does not charge an annual fee to be able to take advantage of these interest rates, added credit card services and discounts.

The credit card rate for purchases and credit card balance transfers after the introductory interest rate is a low variable rate of 11.90%.  The variable credit card APRs can go up or down as the Prime rate goes up or down.  The APR for purchases and balance transfers may vary quarterly and is set by adding 8.65% to the Prime rate.

Capital One will raise the credit card rate to their default credit card rate of 26.15% plus the Prime rate if the credit card account with Capital One becomes delinquent.  However, Capital One does not raise the rate because of late payments on other lender accounts or from changes in an account holder’s credit report.  This is known as universal default and Capital One does not follow that practice. 

The Capital One Platinum Prestige credit card is one of the credit cards marketed by Capital that is targeted for consumers that have very good or excellent credit.   For credit card applicants that meet the requirements the benefits of no annual fee, zero percent introductory rate and over all low credit card rates makes this credit card an attractive a choice for consumer that want to save money when they transfer higher credit card rate balances or who wish to save money with frequent credit card purchases.