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College Students and Credit Cards

Compare the best college credit cards with the best college credit card rates. Review all the options for college students and credit cards. Apply for a new college credit card quickly and easily with a secure online credit card application. Find college credit card with rewards points and low credit card rates. Learn how to select the low interest college credit card with the terms that are appropriate for your lifestyle and credit needs. See the latest news regarding college students and credit cards as it impacts the credit card industry. Search a comprehensive list of the most popular college credit cards promoted on college campuses today.

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The Right College Credit Card

So now you are in the college where owning a credit card has more or less become a fashion statement as well as prudent tool to establish a stellar credit history. The credit cards offered as college credit cards or student credit card come in a bunch of varieties especially for upwardly mobile college goers. But how can we find the best student credit card? When looking for the best student credit card you want to avoid getting caught up with bad terms that lead to high rates, high fees, long repayments and the possibility of a bad credit history.

The answer to the question of which is the best college credit card is simple. Pick the credit card which offers the best rate of interest and lowest fees in terms of usage. Credit card companies usually flood campuses with attractive offers. Many have been inventing new and challenging giveaways as free gifts to college students for signing up for a credit card. Now this practice has come to an end with the 2010 Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act.

According to the Act, the Credit card companies are prevented from offering free stuff if they’re canvassing for credit cards on campus. It also required that those applicants between the age of 18 and 21 should prove their financial stability by declaring sources of income to meet the credit card bills before they are approved for a new college credit card. Or they should get their parents into the big picture to sign into the agreement as surety for the children. Most have to cosign the document. The act has helped to reduce the credit card debt among college age consumers, which has seen several fold increase in recent past, by cutting back on the unrestrained card offers.

The crunch is to shop around for a cheaper credit card interest rate and reasonable terms and to not get carried away by the credit card rewards and purchase points which are redeemable for cash and merchandise. An ideal college credit card should have three basic features.

The card should have no monthly or annual charges for the use of the card or services. If you end up paying for the services without actually using it, this is more than enough to drain your pocket money. Free online accounting facilities should be available to facilitate your ability to check monthly payments and credit card balances so that you can avoid the surprise factor in “oh! My” once you receive your monthly credit card statement. You should be able to track and keep a proper record of your expenses and payments with the credit card quickly and easily.

Lastly, the credit card APR should be among the lowest available with the college credit card or student credit card category. Sometimes credit card companies offer an introductory rate which runs for a short period of time. The short term deal and advantage can soon vanish and you will have to cough up more money which may be at a rate higher than other college credit cards without an introductory rate. Use caution when comparing card offers in among the wide selection of cards on the market.

Some colleges make money by giving their brand name to be used on the credit cards for which you may ultimately have to bear the cost. Be aware of such offers since most of them provide less than optimal credit card rates and terms. Check the internet and other sources for through information before finalizing on your credit card.

Take the ‘right’ credit card to college. The bestcreditcardrates.com database of student credit cards is a great starting point to find and compare college student credit card deals.

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