One of the most common credit card mistakes that can drive a consumer off the path of good credit management is choosing a card that does not match their shopping and credit needs. Having a credit card with less than ideal terms is an absolute no-no. Finding the best credit card with the best credit card rate takes only a few minutes with credit card shopping and comparison web sites such as and these sites provide tools to compare different credit cards easy by laying out the terms and conditions for a variety of credit cards by card category. Don’t assume that credit card rates, credit card grace periods and credit card reward features are the same or even similar among the wide spectrum of credit cards that are currently available.

An obvious mistake by consumers that leads to out of control credit card use is using too many credit cards. There are a few good reasons why a consumer would benefit from using more than one credit card. The main benefit to using more than card to mange is to manage the credit card rewards program or use credit card rewards cards with a low or zero percent introductory credit card rate cards. But far too many consumers use more than card just to spread out their credit card debt. Having numerous credit cards available to use makes overspending with the cards tempting and easy.

Along with too many credit cards that are not managed properly, simply incurring too much credit card debt is key issue regarding credit card problems. Some consumers face too much credit card debt due to unexpected events that cause unforeseen financial hardship such as loss of a job or health issues. Other consumers face too much credit card debt due to over spending and over use of their credit cards.

The ease of credit brought on by all the competitive credit card industry places a tremendous amount of buying power in the hands of the average consumer. The consumers that are dragged in to the business of easy credit are bringing on their own troubles and making it harder to control their spending and manage their finances. If you’ve got a serious debt problem, there may be corrective steps you can take involving your credit cards.

Minimum payments, paying late fees and incurring unnecessary credit card charges are yet other mistakes that make credit cards burden not a benefit. Making a late payment on your credit card bill allows the credit card company to impose a hefty late payment fee. For the credit card holder that has to pay a late payment fee they also have to pay the monthly interest charges that will only grow larger as the credit card balance grows larger. Additional fees that make reducing the credit card balance more difficult include over the credit limit fees and returned check fees.

When you pay only the minimum on your credit card bill, you’re simply taking more time to pay off your debt which leads to more money in credit card interest charges. Consumers that are consistently delinquent could see a significant increase in their credit card interest rate as well as a reduction in their credit limit on the card.

Running up late fees, having access to too many credit cards and having the wrong credit card to meet your needs are all problems with credit card that can be avoided. Good credit card choices can flip a credit card debt burdens into credit card benefits.

To review credit cards and credit card rates by category, please see low interest rate credit cards, cash back credit cards, rewards credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, prepaid credit cards, credit cards for bad credit and secured credit cards.

Additional credit card resources can be found at Chase business cards and Chase Freedom card.

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