Gas station charge cards have revolutionized into more than just charge cards for a specific gas station or brand.  Gas credit cards are now more commonly marketed as major bank credit cards that offer credit card rewards, rebates and additional incentives.

The retail specific gas credit cards offered by major gasoline retailers are still on the market and widely held.  Most of these credit cards are issued now as prepaid credit cards.  Shell and BP are two examples of companies who offer gas prepaid cards for consumers and also offer branded credit cards associated with a bank.

The days of obtaining a gas credit card that is just used for gas are slowly fading away.  Most gas station credit cards are issued as either a bank Visa credit card or a bank MasterCard.  With Visa or MasterCard network association; these credit cards can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services, goods and services that could be purchased with any standard bank credit card.

In addition to being able to purchase a wider variety of products and services, gas station credit cards also offer a variety of rewards.  From discounts on gas purchases to reward points and cash back, gas station credit cards have become very competitive products in the credit card marketplace.

The credit card rewards certainly add appeal to theses cards especially for those credit card holders that frequent a particular gas station.

Gas credit cards come with a wide range of credit card rates and a wide range of credit card rewards.  These credit cards can carry higher interest rates than a standard credit card which makes shopping and comparing the available gas credit card offers critical in order to receive the best gas credit card to match your needs.

An example of some of the current credit card rewards or rebates that are available on gas credit cards can be found with the Shell Platinum MasterCard and the BP Visa credit card.

With the Shell Platinum MasterCard, credit card holders can earn up to 5% worth of rebates on Shell gasoline purchases and earn an additional 1% rebates on all other purchases made with the credit card.  With the BP Visa credit card, card holders also earn a 5% rebate on all purchase transaction at BP as well as a 2% rebate on certain travel and dining transactions and a 1% rebate on other purchase transactions.
Specific credit card information and details is accurate as of this publication date but is not guaranteed.  Read the current term and conditions of any credit card offer before filling out the credit card application. 

Choosing the best gas credit card is made easier by quickly and easily reviewing multiple credit card offers in one location.  See the wide array of credit card offers at before choosing your next card.

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