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Credit Card Review Escape by Discover

This Credit Card Offer is No Longer Available

The Escape credit card issued by Discover is a travel rewards credit card that offers several different benefits to card holders.

This Discover credit card offers a travel reward program, credit card cash back rebates, and an introductory credit card that includes 0% balance transfer rate and 0% credit card APR on purchases.

The rewards program offers the account holder the ability to earn 2 miles for every $1.00 in qualifying purchases spent on all purchases transactions.  The credit card rewards programs also offer new credit card holders the ability to earn an additional 1,000 miles each month that the credit card holder makes a purchase during the first 25 months.

To redeem the miles earned, an account holder only has to book any flight, cruise, hotel or car rental with the Escape credit card.  Pay for the travel with the Escape Card when purchasing the travel products and then redeem for travel credits when the transaction posts to the credit card account.  The ability to make unrestricted travel transactions through any airline, travel agent, or online travel website is a key element of this Discover credit card rewards plan and results in no travel restrictions with the use of the card.

In addition to the travel rewards options, the miles earned can be redeemed for merchandise, gift cards or cash back.  As an example, credit card holders can redeem 5,000 miles earned for a $25.00 Discover gift card.

There is no cap on the amount of reward miles an account holder can earn and there is no expiration period for miles already earned.

The credit card introductory rate is 0% for 6months from the date the credit card account is opened for purchases and zero percent on credit card balance transfers for 6 months after the first transaction posts to the credit card account.  After the introductory period, the credit card rate will be between 11.99% variable and 18.99% variable.

The standard credit card APR for purchases and balance transfers is based on variable rates as are most credit cards issued now.  The Discover credit card APR may vary monthly and is based on the Prime Rate plus a margin in the amount between 8.74% and 15.74%

In addition to the credit card rewards program and credit card intro rate, Discover credit cardholders also get additional travel benefits including car rental insurance, lost luggage insurance, travel delay insurance, travel cancellation insurance, flight accident insurance and 24/7 travel assistance.

There is a $60.00 annual fee for this credit card.

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This Credit Card Offer is No Longer Available

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